Features Overview

Learn how Quietly Insights can help streamline your content marketing

Get actionable recommendations

Recommended Content Ideas

Whether you’re creating videos, writing articles, or designing infographics, all great content starts with an idea. Our algorithm analyzes your data and your competitors’ content to predict which ideas are most likely to reach, engage, and convert your audience.

Competitive Analysis

You can learn a lot from the other players in your industry. Quietly Insights keeps track of your competitors so you can see what content works. To make sure you’re never behind, Quietly Insights also analyzes competitor performance to identify effective ideas you might have missed.

Collect the right data

Code-Free Conversions

Tracking goals and measuring bottom of funnel success shouldn’t be complicated. Code-free conversions measure the progress of your content marketing goals and calculate the value of your content—no coding required.

Reader Engagement Metrics

Traditional web analytics metrics are built to measure website performance. Quietly Insights’ engagement metrics measure visitors’ interaction with content. Metrics like pageviews and average time on page only tell part of the story. Quietly Insights’ average read percentage and completion rate tell you exactly what type of content is effective.

Automatic Segmentation

80% of time spent working with data is spent cleaning datasets. You don’t have time for that, so we handle it for you. Quietly Insights’ algorithm filters out the noise so you only see information relevant to your content.

Understand content marketing success

Content Marketing Attribution

Know what content affects your bottom line. Quietly Insights shows you how much your content contributes to your goals so you can understand the impact of each piece of content you produce.

Weekly Snapshots & Monthly Reports

Reporting built with content marketers in mind. Quietly Insights’ curated weekly snapshots and monthly reports are delivered straight to your inbox, helping you and your team keep tabs on your performance with none of the fluff.

Insightful Takeaways

Content marketing reports should answer questions, not create more. Where typical analytics reporting helps you understand what happened, Quietly Insights’ reports include key takeaways that tell you why it happened, so you have the answers.

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