Engagement Metrics

Your content’s impact, quantified

Quietly Insights automates competitive analysis by identifying your competitors’ content, measuring its performance, and highlighting what you can do to get ahead.

Identify the content that drives conversions

Page value

How does your content play a role in bottom-of-funnel campaigns? Quietly Insights’ page score metric quantifies your content’s impact on your goals, so you know what content drives which conversions.

Know what your visitors read—and what they don’t

Completion rate

Do your readers skim and skip, or do they actually read your content? Quietly Insights’ completion rate uses a proprietary algorithm to determine how many visitors read through entire articles.

Average read percentage

How much do visitors read before leaving a page? Quietly Insights’ average read percentage uses traditional and proprietary data points to identify what readers are—and aren’t—reading on each page.

And more!

Recommendations for each of your objectives

Quietly Insights identifies the topic recommendations that increase traffic, engagement, and converting your audience.

Competitor analysis

Keep tabs on what your competitors are up to so you can gain the upper hand.


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  • Code Free Conversions
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  • Quietly Engagement Metrics
  • Weekly and Monthly Reports
  • Knowledge Base support
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