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Industry insights on content marketing, publishing and more.

Determining Your Content Marketing Goals

When crafting your latest content marketing initiative, you read up on key content marketing metrics and set up Google Analytics for your blog. You might have even determined that you need to set up conversions to track success. Now you’re faced with...

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Introducing Quietly Insights

As a premium content marketing agency, we’ve worked with a variety of organizations to deliver results on many business objectives. From consulting on existing content marketing efforts and performance to designing measurement frameworks and building publications from...

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How to Calculate Conversion Rate: A Simple Guide

If you’ve spent any time in the world of digital marketing, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the power of the conversion rate. It’s not uncommon to see digital marketers touting the conversion rate as the most important metric to track in order to determine...

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What Is An Average Read Percentage?

You know how many people come to your website, how long the average session is, and what the bounce rate is. But what you don’t know is how many people are truly reading your content. Are they just clicking on a link to it, or are they actually getting the...

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