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Industry insights on content marketing, publishing and more.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Content Ideas

All content marketers know that creating great content takes a lot of work—you have to analyze data, monitor competitors, or follow communities to find great ideas; then, you need to evaluate these ideas. This is all before spending even more time actually...

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How to Increase Your Content Conversion Rate

You defined and set up your content marketing goals, published content, let your analytics software collect data, and were excited to take a look at the results. But your conversion rate was way lower than expected. Now your work is cut out for you: you...

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Attributing the Value of Content Marketing

Measuring content marketing success is a common challenge for marketers. Now that you’ve set your content marketing goals and configured your analytics to track these metrics, you might stumble into another head-scratch-worthy situation—how do you know...

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